TokenBook is a social media-based token located on the Solana network.

Coins in the crypto world Refers to digital assets built on their own independent blockchain network.

This digital asset is indeed issued directly by those who developed the blockchain protocol in question. Coins are often referred to as native crypto assets, aka “natives” in the blockchain network.

For example, you must be familiar with Bitcoin (BTC), the champion in the world of digital assets. Yes, BTC is a coin because it is built on its own network. Then there is Ether (ETH) which is the native coin of the Ethereum network

Meanwhile, tokens are digital assets built on top of the blockchain network belonging to other parties. If a coin is a “native” of a blockchain system, then a token is a “resident” there.

Typically, crypto tokens have four principles as follows:

programmable. The tokens are used on top of the software protocol, which is powered by multiple smart contracts originating on the main blockchain.

permissionless. Everyone can use the token without permission from any party.

Trustless. No single authority is able to control the circulation of tokens.

Transparency. All activities using tokens can be monitored and recorded by any party.

Tokens are created from various platforms that are on top of a particular blockchain. Usually, but not always, these tokens are created on top of the Ethereum blockchain system.
like a tokenbook created on the solana blockchain

Mint addres: 2mDJPcvv7vigZo9ZPxhHLpKQSixCkbohVY35eX6NkN6m

Name: Tokenbook

Symbol: TBK